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               After nearly ten years of development and innovation, Shandong yitaishengye welding equipment Co., Ltd. has become a high-tech enterprise integrating professional R or D, production and sales of various inverter welding equipment. It has stood out among the national IGBT inverter welding machine manufacturers and become a leader in the domestic welding machine industry.
               "Yitai" people know that only by adapting to the needs of the times and constantly innovating and changing is the key for enterprises to maintain their competitive advantage. In the face of the fierce competitive environment, we are down-to-earth to build our brand. Regard "welding" as the passion and enthusiasm of the enterprise, and "connection" as the creed of contacting the market and serving customers“ "Yitai" team is the pursuit of common cause among members and the cohesion of collective strength of the team.
               The enterprise has advanced production equipment, perfect testing means, rigorous and meticulous technology, strictly implements IS09001 quality management system and CCC National safety standards, and has detailed procedures for each link of design, material selection, manufacturing and assembly to ensure accuracy and focus on every nuance.

               The enterprise provides not only equipment, but a full set of customer-centered services, and sincerely cooperates with you for common development with better quality, newer products and better price.

        After nearly ten years of development

        CONTACT US

        Address: machun electromechanical Industrial Park, Jiaxiang County, Jining City, Shandong Province

        National toll free: 400-679-7773

        Landline: 0537-6440898 6446116

        Tel: 18653797773

        Fax: 0537-6448569

        Email: info@yitaisye.com

        Website: www.o9global.com


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