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        Development of welding equipment

        Release time:2021-3-17    Be read 4838 times
        Reading guide:Development of welding equipment

        Development of welding equipment

        With the rapid development of welding technology, the application of welding equipment in some industries is also improving. In the world's industrial developed countries, modern information technology, network control function and intelligent full-automatic welding equipment have been successfully used, and the welding procedures and welding parameters have been optimized through the expert system to ensure the consistency of welding quality in mass production. These modern fully automatic welding equipment have become the main choice of manufacturing industry (Aerospace Engineering, power generation equipment, power equipment and automobile). We are still basically in the manufacturing of general welding equipment, and I believe we will enter this field in the near future. At present, we have just entered the electric power, nuclear power, automobile, shipbuilding, container and other industries. According to what we have seen and heard during our business trip in the past two years, let's talk about my personal views below. In the power construction industry, manual argon arc is still mostly used at present, because there are many high-altitude operations in the power construction industry, and the variety of welding materials is also messy, mainly pipeline installation, and the welding quality requirements are relatively strict. If gas shielded welding is used, the wind at high altitude in the field is too strong. It is easy to have welding defects. In addition, due to different pipe diameters, it is difficult to weld all positions of gas shielded welding, so manual argon arc welding has become the first choice. In order to avoid adjusting the current up and down at high altitude, the requirements for the equipment are as follows: (1) the welding current is stable because of frequent field construction. Therefore, the reliability of the power supply is better( 2) The wireless remote control adjusts the current, and the remote control has a polarity change-over switch( 3) The panel of the remote control is a digital display, which looks intuitive


        Development of welding equipment

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